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3Strands Global has been delivering human trafficking prevention education in classrooms since 2011, and we've taken the knowledge gained from writing curriculum, studying the impacts of trauma, and talking with survivors to recognize that one of the most empowering actions we can take on their behalf is to help them find a job.

3Strands Global's Employ + Empower Reintegration Program connects survivors of trafficking and at-risk clients with sustainable, trauma-informed jobs and the social work services they need to maintain employment. In partnership with the social ventures of Juma Ventures and PRIDE Industries, and over 19 agencies in the Sacramento region, we have placed 136 survivors and high-risk youth into jobs. In 2019, we hope to scale our reintegration program to place an additional 60 youth in sustainable jobs.

In addition to referring them to sustainable employment, our Social Worker assists survivors and at-risk youth with:
- Interview coaching
- Transportation
- Childcare
- Job and Interview Clothing
- Referrals to Mental Health Services
- Obtaining Documentation
- Furthering Education

3Strands Global also provides Juma, PRIDE, and public transportation staff with human trafficking prevention education training to create an increased safety-net of community members who can identify and recognize the signs of human trafficking among the youth they interact with.
Program Successes
The 3Strands Global's Employ + Empower Reintegration Program has yielded a high 74% retention rate after four months in the program, and has resulted in an increase in the program participants' perception of self-worth, confidence in their job skills, and knowledge of reliable services available to them. This past year, we have expanded our program to hire a Reintegration Social Worker, who is able to provide regular case management and support the youth as they begin their jobs.

Ultimately, the impact of the Employ + Empower program can be seen by the survivors who are not re-exploited for sex or labor while working in their jobs. By connecting survivors and at-risk youth with sustainable, trauma-informed jobs and the social work services they need to maintain employment, the Employ + Empower Program offers a viable alternative to trafficking that enhances self-esteem through work while teaching transferable job skills.

Alyssa's* story illustrates the impact of 3Strands Global's Employ + Empower program. Alyssa is a 23-year-old survivor of sex trafficking from Sacramento who was referred to our program in July 2018. We helped prepare Alyssa for her interview with Juma to work part-time at the Golden 1 Center, and she was successfully hired in August. Throughout this process, Alyssa's confidence in her ability to obtain a job has increased, and she even expressed interested in expanding her hours outside of Juma. As 3Strands Global's social worker started to meet with Alyssa, she disclosed her diagnosis of PTSD and anxiety, and shared that the symptoms of these diagnoses had prevented her from maintaining employment in the past. We connected Alyssa with a PRIDE Industries Job Developer, who helped her format her resume, cover letter, and create a master application. Meanwhile, our social worker met biweekly with Alyssa to help her apply for housing programs and a food voucher program. We've provided bus passes so that she could get to her interviews and trainings, helped her get new interview clothing, and connected her with mental health counseling. Alyssa was connected with her first full-time job at the Apple Warehouse, and we're so proud of the progress she's made!
For the past eight years, 3Strands Global Foundation has supported prevention efforts by raising awareness among communities and educating middle school, high school, and college students about human trafficking and how to avoid victimization. The instruction is interactive and designed to push the students to examine and analyze human trafficking, with which the majority have little familiarity, supplemented with real-life stories of survivors and prevention tips.

PROTECT is a new joint collaboration with three nonprofit organizations: 3Strands Global Foundation, Love Never Fails, and Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives. In partnership with the California Department of Education and the Office of the Attorney General for the State of California, the three nonprofits formed PROTECT in order to scale their impact and work towards creating trafficking-free communities.

PROTECT's mission is to reduce the vulnerability of California's children by identifying and preventing human trafficking using a standardized, trauma-informed education curriculum and systematic delivery methodology. PROTECT is a statewide program, and is being implemented presently in 34 of California's counties. As we continue our expansion, we plan on bringing PROTECT to a total of 45 California counties and in districts throughout Utah by the end of 2019.

A unique component of PROTECT is the research. Along with The Sacramento State Institute for Social Research (ISR) we have created a logic model and surveys administered through Qualtrics that will measure the effectiveness of PROTECT. Through an analysis of pre- and post-survey data, in 2018 ISR generated PROTECT's first report on the classroom impact of the curricula and training modules. PROTECT is also partnering with ThiveCast to deliver the lesson modules via an online growth platform.
Program Successes
- 3Strands Global Foundation has provided education and awareness programs for schools in California for the past eight years, educating more than 32,000 students and educated more than 11,000 adults.
- PROTECT program is currently being implemented in 34 counties throughout California. 3Strands Global plans to implement PROTECT in an additional 11 California counties and in districts throughout Utah in 2019.
- The first year evaluation of PROTECT, published by the Institute for Social Research in July 2018, demonstrated the successes of the program, such as the fact that the amount of students who reported that they understand the steps necessary to prevent themselves and others from becoming a victim of human trafficking increased from 56% in the pre-survey to 93% in the post-survey.
- We have witnessed first-hand how our training and curriculum can help our youth avoid a lifetime of pain and trauma. When presented with the basic facts, techniques and tips, virtually all students are able to recognize and internalize the meaning of the crime and how to avoid victimization.
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