The Well of Lexington Inc

We are a housing first approach for women who are victims of the human trafficking industry. We provide a 2 year program of case management while our women receive individualized development plans including the 12 steps, medical care, education & job training. We are an interfaith organization that is completely funded by donors & local sponsors. Our housing first approach allows women to focus on their mental, physical, educational, and spiritual recovery. Love Heals - We've seen it happen!

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Address: 110 E Third St
Lexington, KY 40508-1826
Phone Number: 859-229-4190
While this is a small program now, we hope to expand it considerably in the years to come. There is a great need for helping women who have been injured, who have been mistreated, who have been used and sometimes discarded by the sex trafficking industry. Anywhere there is sports, racing, and gambling there is human trafficking - yes, even here in Central Kentucky. We provide women - who may have known no other life from a young age, who of often illiterate or semi-literate, who were purposefully made addicted to drugs to control them, who have been manipulated and exploited for years - an opportunity to finally remake their lives while not having to be shackled by the need to pay for rent and utilities. Our facility is provided to them free of charge while they recover, for up to 2 years while they follow their individualized development plans created for them by our Program Director, a full time social worker. As our first women complete year 1 of their development program,they become eligible for our new social enterprise, "Clean Start," a program that will enable the women to learn to operate their own small business, with the help of our Executive Director. Our goal is to have the women graduate from our program as confident and self sufficient productive members of society, who need not rely on the trafficking industry for their livelihood.
We are always in need of volunteers to drive our residents to their many appointments and classes (background check required), as well as volunteers who are skilled in personal training and mentoring. Some examples are: yoga teachers, meditation / prayer support, art therapy, creative writing, academic tutoring, test prep, budgeting & money management, as well as gardening and eventually even preserving home grown herbs and vegetables. We are always in need of donations of ordinary household goods such as cleaning supplies, paper products, hygiene products, and nutritious healthy food. These can be brought to our administrative offices during business hours. Please send us an email if you are interested in volunteering - our Program Director will work with you to fill opportunities available in the women's schedules.